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Gender and Judaism: Time on your side – Part II: Ritual Objects


Chicago Loop Synagogue
16. S Clark St
Chicago, IL 60603 United States


Date: November 14, 2017
Time: 12:30 pm
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Our ancestors created societies and their halachic structures the way they did for a reason, and Rabbi Daniel Vaisrub will explore those reasons to examine how Judaism addresses gender issues today.  In many ways, the primary message of Judaism is one of fundamental dignity and equality, giving men and women equal roles, and Rabbi Daniel will take an equally balanced approach to his teaching.  Some questions we will consider are whether traditional Judaism represses or empowers women, how tikkum olam influences the role of women, and the role of the mechitzah in our rituals.

To accommodate the schedules of those who live and work downtown, each lecture will be presented twice.  Cost:  $15 per lecture; $100 for the series (includes Sunday breakfast or Tuesday lunch). Register with Mary Lynn Pross, 312-346-7370 or info@chicagoloopsynagogue.org.

The content for this series is generously sponsored in part by Jay Collen and Martha Schwartz in memory of Benjamin Jacob Collen.

The schedule is:

Topic Tuesday

12:30 PM


10:30 AM

Introduction-Judaism as a “gendered” religion August 29th September 10th
Time on your side/What’s this “time bound commitment” thing? Part 1: Prayer October 17th October 22nd
Time on your side/What’s this “time bound commitment” thing?  Part II: Ritual Objects (tallit, tefillin) November 14th November 19th
Separation anxiety: The Mehitzah December 12th December 17th
Immah on the Bimah January 16th January 21st
Public roles for women February 13th February 18th
Living Waters:  Mikveh & Taharat Hamishpahah March 13th >March 18th
Conclusion April 17th April 22nd